Akane wa Tsumare Somerareru, another Hiromitsu Takeda netorare work that will have anime

From the end of 2021, the anime adaptation of the doujinshi netorare written and illustrated by Hiromitsu Takeda, Akane wa Tsumare Somerareru (Akane’s In A Pinch), by the studies t-rex. This two-part story will be fully adapted into two OVAs that will be released simultaneously on February 4 in Japan.

These two doujinshi, which circulate in the catalog of hentai with the codes [247599] and [266577]were published by the author during the conventions Comic Market (Comiket) 94 and Comic Market (Comiket) 95made in August and December 2018, respectively, so it took almost four years for them to get an adaptation.

The Japanese distributor Toranoan posted a recent update describing the two releases scheduled for next February 4th in Japan at an individual price of 4,180 yen (about 37 US dollars), with new frames and the description of the story, which writes: «Nanao Akane is the manager of the school baseball club, and she has a crush on player Shouya Katase. However, the club’s administration forbids romantic relationships between members to ensure the players’ responsibility to the team, so they keep their romance a secret. One day, the relationship was discovered by coach Tougo, recognized in the institution for multiple allegations of sexual harassment. Akane must accept the coach’s conditions to protect Shouya’s position within the team, who seeks to become a top player… Even if it means being unfaithful to him more than once…»

Hiromitsu Takeda is one of the authors of doujinshi netarare (adultery) most recognized within the industry, author of works such as Himawari wa Yoru ni saku, Sister Breeder and Ajisai no Chiru Koronibut also from serialized manga Maken Ki!all of which have gotten anime adaptations.

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