Final Fantasy: Tifa Lockhart inspires visuals after the incident in the Italian Senate

The incident that involved the hacking of an official transmission of the Italian senate and that showed a hentai animation starring Tifa Lockhart of the franchise Final Fantasy 7has not stopped resonating on social networks inspiring illustrations and new information about it.

Twitter user “@Marsh940” published an update noting that the participants of the call themselves were sharing the access data to the transmission, so it was not a hack itself. «The news about Tifa’s hentai during a government livestream is being talked about everywhere, but everyone thinks it was a hacking attack or something. What they don’t know is that Italian politicians actively advertised the meeting by sharing credentials to get in.».

Thus, the situation wasself-provoked” by the very members of the Italian senate who participated in the live broadcast, and this is only inspiring more and more illustrations satirizing the situation: