GreatMosu, author of a popular Satania doujinshi, had more success with netarare

Great Mosu (ぐれーともす) is a Japanese illustrator who participated in the light novels Saikyou Seikishi no Cheat Nashi Gendai Seikatsuwhich were published through the publishing label OVERLAP in 2017, with two volumes. But readers of adult manga surely know him better because he is the author of one of the hentai doujinshi of Gabriel DropOut most popular, one starring Satanichia “Satania” Kurumizawa McDowell.

Unfortunately, this very popular manga, titled “Koisuru Dai Akuma | The Archdemon In Love (nhentai: 211648) is not his best-selling work, by far. It turns out that the artist also published a history of the netarare genre that completely sweeps away his previous works. This two-part doujinshi is titled “Seiso Kanojo, Ochiru | The Pure Girlfriend’s Fall” (295703 & 342738), which together on the platform FANZA they have accumulated 101,538 and 88,239 digital copies sold, respectively.

GreatMosu, author of a popular Satania doujinshi, had more success with netarare

Satania’s doujinshi, as popular as it is, has barely accumulated 7,092 digital copies sold on the same platform. Why is the netarare genre, also known as NTR, always the most successful in Japan? There are many theories about it that can be read on networks, such as those who claim that it is because of the adrenaline that you feel when reading it, which excites the most daring readers.

Others say that reading manga of the netarare genre is an easy reminder that “true love does not exist” and some others get more philosophical by assuring that “those who read it see it as a reflection of their reality, turning it into an escape from their situation to feel better about themselves“. Certainly, it is quite a mystery why the netarare genre is so popular, but it is also true that there is a big difference between those who enjoy it and those who don’t: those who love him sided with the lucky guy who took the girl, while those who hate him sided with the one who lost her. So who are the real winners?

Source: FANZA | GreatMosu

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