Hololive: Uruha Rushia YouTube channel will close this month

Via Twitter, the agency Holo Live Production issued a press release stating that the official YouTube channel VTuber, Uruha Rushia, closed March 31 at 11:59 pm (Japanese time). «All videos and listings will also remain closed to the public. Paid subscriptions to YouTube will be discontinued. We appreciate your long – term support»Wrote the statement.

Don’t forget that Uruha Rushia still on the VTuber with the highest earnings per capita sárchatto be the most successful in the history of Holo Live Production with more than 399.19 million yen accumulated (more than 3.2 million US dollars), although this could not save him from being dismissed because “leak of sensitive information that affected the company’s prestige“. As for the latter, in an attempt to dispel the rumor that he had a romantic relationship with the utaite singer mafúmaRushia turned on YouTuber gossip “Korekore“, Send him screenshots as evidence.

However, the YouTuber in question did a live broadcast showing those arrests without censorship (just as Rushia sent them), which included private communication with multiple VTuber side representatives, other All – Vobe Production VTubers, and various staff members who are not public – facing entities. The company considered that “information leakage“, Which led to his immediate dismissal.

Contrary to what happened to Kiryu Cocoagraduated in July 2021 and dropped out ”in good company position“, Uruha Rushia completely, which is why the first channel still exists to date, and the second will be completely removed from the agency’s records.

About Uruha Rushia

She was a Japanese Virtual YouTuber affiliated with the third generation of talent from the Hololive Production agency, along with Usada Pekora, Shiranui Flare, Shirogane Noel, and Houshou Marine. It debuted on YouTube July 18, 2019 and featured Yasuyuki, illustrator of novels such as “Kou-2 ni Time Leap Shita Ore ga, Touji Suki datta Sensei ni Kokutta Kekka”, “Hakui no Tenshi wa Osewazuki! Love Love Ecchi and Nyuuin Seikatsu ”and“ Soukai Girls! ”

Rushia was a slightly naive girl, soft-spoken but easily aroused. Although he was usually innocent and gentle, he would occasionally get angry and yell in an unusually bestial way before regaining his composure (for example, while playing Dark Souls or Mario Kart). She was famous for her weak discipline of anger; in addition to laughing, he often violently hits his fist on his desk. This behavior was previously considered a character break, but is now primarily considered part of his personality. Because of these traits, her fans sometimes compared her to a former Nijisanji member Otogibara Era.

Source: Official Twitter account