Japan: A girl is hurt by suicide

At approximately 5:20 pm on May 27 in Japan, a 110 call reported that a person had fallen on the street in front of Shibuya Scramble Square, a large building complex in Shibuya, Tokyo. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Shibuya Police Station, a middle – aged man, believed to have jumped from a building, died at the scene.


Part of the man’s body struck a nearby teenage girl, who was taken to hospital. The girl reportedly injured her left leg. Just before that, someone saw a man throwing things outside on the stairs from the 46th floor of the building to the upper floors.

A police perimeter was set around the Shibuya Scramble with a large crowd of spectators anxiously watching as the paramedics approached the girl and took her on a stretcher. The news was shared on comment forums in Japan, with excellent comments as follows:

  • «I hope the girl returns without psychological consequences».
  • «It bothers me to think that the man may have traumatized the young woman for the rest of her life.».
  • «There is nothing more traumatic than being hit by the body part of someone who jumped and killed himself.».
  • «No, really, don’t involve others in your nonsense».
  • «I hope nothing happens to the girl, mentally or physically, but I think it will not be so».
  • «Thank God she is alive. Umeda’s was even worse as the university student in question also died in the process».
  • «If you are about to kill yourself, at least do not cause trouble for others».

Source: Yahoo! Japan News | Japan

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