Japan: Adult toy based on the feet of a schoolgirl launched

The Japanese adult toy industry has the fellatio and titjob sections well covered, but where’s the footjob? The erotic illustrations and the manga and anime industry have increasingly spread the sexual fetish that implies a sexual attraction to the feet, and today it is more than accepted and has become a recurring joke on social networks.

However, we are talking about recent times. For a long time there were fewdeclared foot fetishists“, and therefore there were no sex toys dedicated to them. But apparently that’s over now. While several previous sex toys were made by other manufacturers, this time Tama Toys has finally produced a new version of his previous bestseller in the genre “ashikoki (a Japanese term to refer to the footjob itself)” with the release of the “Ashikoki Schoolgirl Footjob Toy (with Stockings)“.

As the name suggests, one of the main advantages of this toy is that it comes with a stocking so that the user can experience the charm of a sexy schoolgirl’s foot rubbing it. (Usually ashikoki toys focus on fantasies centered around attraction to office girls, but Tama Toys has applied its usual schoolgirl fetish style here.).

Unlike other similar toys, this one doesn’t bother to force a hole in a replica foot. Instead, it settles for a realistic, textured recreation of a Japanese female foot that the wearer can use at will (neither is it that the feet have a lot of flexibility in real life). The product is available through the distributor Kanojo Toys at a price of only 31 US dollars, and is described as follows:

«The “Ashikoki Schoolgirl Footjob Toy (with Stockings)” toy is for everyone who is in the mood for feet and legs, especially if they are from a young Japanese schoolgirl. The toy is a realistic recreation of a foot that you can rub on your cock to get turned on. The foot has no hole to penetrate, so take comfort in all the incredible potential it offers for rubbing, but be sure to pair it with the included black tights.». The VTuber of Total Media Agency, Super Tamanianmade a special broadcast presenting the product:

By the way, doesn’t the illustration look strangely familiar to you? The artist in charge was Oouso, lover of stockings, socks and feet in general. Such is his hobby that he is a recognized hentai artist of this theme, with works such as Ashi Colle J.K. (192734), Twins Harassment (195284), Ashiasobi (foot play) (233446), Tsuukin Douchuu from Anoko ga Midara na Koui o Shite Kuru Hon (Doing Dirty Things With This Girl On The Commute To Work) (310684) and Onaho Kyoushitsu (306439), the latter of which recently inspired an anime adaptation.

Source: Official Twitter Account