Japan and the strange case of Toka Irino the erotic model who canceled her debut

Earlier this month, a rather strange curiosity arose within the Japanese adult entertainment industry, noting that Toka Irina (入 野 十 香) which had disappeared from the media. All traces of his time in this market, including videos such as gravure-idol (Pretty girls pretending to be asexual photos in erotic attire, usually a swimsuit) which was to be released soon.


A specialized site writes about: «Toka Irino is a 19 year old Japanese girl with a Cup I bust (and a slightly similar face to Nana Komatsu’s). His first video as a gravure-idol was scheduled to be released this month, but every trace of his release has gone online. His next DVD appears – untitled and without cover image – with a “production canceled” advertisement in online stores or not listed at all. His official Twitter account, which he launched in November 2021 and had nearly 10,000 followers, is gone. So, his first start in the industry has been completely removed from the face of the internet».

So there are far more questions than answers to Toka Irino’s spontaneous passage through the industry, and there are many potential theories that fans have launched about. A source writes on the subject: «Of course, as consumers will know, the Japanese porn industry has been hit by allegations of coercion, leading to arrests, lawsuits, and a lot of bad publicity. However, this is not limited to the adult video industry. The gravure-idol industry is also notorious for harassment, poor pay and recruitment methods, although the fact that a girl left before her official debut may indicate that she probably lied on her record. (he was a minor)».

Source: Twitter account | Japan