Japan: Is it legal to sell masks used by women?



the Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun he published an article noting that the sale of used masks continues to be a trend in virtual markets in Japan, and that the practice has even reached underage women. In the face of the constant COVID-19 pandemic, the entire population continues to wear masks every day, generating more and more “selling merchandise“. But is it legal for the girls to participate?

«Because dispersing COVID-19 has made a mask-wearing routine, used masks are secretly traded online with lipstick and saliva. Who sells and who buys? Is there something illegal in it? We asked a woman and a schoolgirl who were selling masks. “600 yen per mask used. 100 yen more if you include a lipstick kiss. ” “Offer! A set of masks used for three days! ” Recently, there has been an increase in these types of posts on Twitter. In many cases, photos of masks highlighting lipstick and saliva marks were uploaded».

«In the summer of 2021, a woman in her 30s, an office worker in Tokyo, posted on Twitter selling used masks. She had been selling used clothing and accessories on virtual market applications for some time, so she started selling themselves, “as if it’s an expansion of that business.” “I didn’t have much to do because I had two choices: throw them out or sell them to someone.” The first mask was sold in August 2021».

«He photographed a mask with sweat and makeup after wearing it “during the day” at work or in the gym. He faked his age as if he were 20 years old. Although she was skeptical about whether they would actually sell, she was approached by at least 10 people in one day, believed to be office workers and part-time workers, who said they were “very interested. ”. After a series of exchanges on how to sell them, he was selling about four a month for 500 yen per piece. Now there are regular buyers and sales volumes are about 3,000 yen per month».

«Meanwhile, when he started selling masks, he also received several requests to sell used underwear and socks. So she sells underwear for about 1,500 yen and socks for 400-500 yen. As well as the masks, he has earned about 20,000 yen so far. The woman did not reveal her face on Twitter. He was asked to meet in person, but refused. He has also received rude remarks such as, “Who is going to buy it, idiot?”, But he does not have much danger: “I’ve never felt in danger because I don’t meet them in person or give them my details”».

«However, recent sales have not been good. “There are more and more competitors and they don’t sell as well. Add value by lowering the price and adding lipstick kisses ”, he reveals. The woman uses a Mercari marketplace app to sell her products. The app prohibits the sale of already opened hygiene products, so the woman negotiates the price on Twitter and then lists fake products such as t-shirts on the app.».

«Mercari explained to the Mainichi Shimbun that “as soon as a breach is confirmed, we respond by removing the product, warning the customer and trying to identify them”, but only replied that there were “counterfeit products”, saying “we are also . prohibit transactions involving counterfeit products».

«A third-year high school student started posting on Twitter in February this year, saying things like “I’m selling JC masks (joshi chuugakusei, meaning high school girl),” after her friend first did so . In the past, 15 masks were sold for 1,500 yen. Often, the person who contacted her asked for a photo of her own language and other information, and she later sent the money in cash.».

«He has sold used underwear, but has not sent nude photos or met customers in person. One student commented, “I don’t really want to do it, but I can’t get a part – time job, so I do it because I need money to buy a manga. I will stop when I reach high school. “ Would it be illegal to sell used masks?».

«The youth development ordinance of each prefecture prohibits the act of purchasing used underwear and other items from “juveniles” under the age of 18. However, what is prohibited is used underwear, and the sales order does not seem to cover used masks. An investigator said: “The directive does not look at the sale of used masks. Taking a criminal case can be difficult. ”».

«Lawyer Yasuo Sawai, also a former police bureaucrat, believes that “it’s hard to imagine that used masks are subject to regulation under current law, since the ordinance is limited to body fluids or faeces and urine.” However, he also points out that “in the case of masks with a lot of saliva, there is the possibility that this is a breach of the directive, as it would be considered a saliva trade itself”».

Source: Livedoor News

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