Japan: Man caught for taking photos under cosplayer skirt



On April 30 in Japan, a man in his 30s was detained by Chiba Prefectural Police for taking voyeuristic low-angle photos of female cosplayers during the conference. Niconico Chokaigi celebrated in Makuhari Messe, Chiba. The man used a video camera to spy on April 29, and shortly afterwards, a reporter from SIARABEE who filmed the proceedings in consultation with a local police. He provided information about the characteristics of the man who fled the scene and cooperated with the investigation.

The report writes:

«On the evening of April 29, the man collided with his friends around the victim, who was dressed in character cosplay, and videotaped her, exposing her skirt. While he told the victim that he was taking pictures, he stood behind the victim and his friends filming and filmed her while pointing at her underwear. The next day, January 30, the event organization team found the man who had returned to the facilities and found him. A reporter who was on another case accompanied him at the scene, and since it was confirmed that the man was the same man as the voyeur the day before, he was questioned by local police about his duties.».

«After checking the filming details, several videos with angles aimed at his underwear were left, and he was taken to Chiba Nishi Police Station. The man changed his personal belongings, including his camera bag and hat, from the day before to avoid his detection, and changed his clothes in the bathrooms after entering the compound, but this did not fool the event security personnel or the police. The man was later found to have caused scandal in the past frequently by taking voyeuristic pictures, and confessed to the charges and expressed his remorse.».

However, the report also writes that there are some obstacles to attempting to arrest such a voyeur in Japan, and that this was only one of the few successful cases.

«For cosplay conventions, where camera ownership is of course, voyeurism is hard to spot, unlike when it happens at train stations or bookstores. To avoid detection, low-level photo shooters have modified their LCD monitors for “spy photography” so that they can only see them, and it is also difficult for third parties to determine whether or not a video has been recorded.».

«In addition, zero cases of obscene consensual photography between the subject and the photographer cannot be said to be zero, so in the absence of a complaint from the cosplayer, the voyeur must first be ascertained by questioning the person concerned about the case. , for example if he was allowed to take the photo and had to be caught in the act. In this case, the criminal operating the camera, meanwhile, fled. By the end of the day the man was hard to find as he had disappeared into a crowd of thousands of people.».

Source: Niconico News | Japan

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