Japan: Teenager Trapped as Storage Manager in Threat

Around midnight on April 11, the manager of a convenience store in Nakama City, Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan, says a gang of motorcycles gathered in front of his store. One by one, they went into the store to go to the bathroom, and the manager seemed to have concluded that they were there for a stop, with no interest in shopping.

Not wanting to turn his shop into a bicycle lounge for the rest of the night, the manager decided not to use the bathroom and locked the door, but a 16-year-old girl did not bring much to the group. height of attention. good for your decision. When he found out that the bathroom door was locked around 12:30 am he flew into a frenzy at the manager, shouting “Hurry up and let me in the fucking bathroom!“Y”I will kill you!».

But instead of picking up the bathroom key, the manager picked up the phone and called the police. When the agents arrived at the scene, the girl and her companions left, but the shops have security cameras. They are usually used as a precaution against burglars and muggers, but are equally useful for recording evidence against people shouting about death threats, and Investigators were able to use the recorded video to identify the girl, who was arrested for forced coercion on April 18, a week after the incident. «There is no error», He said of the charges.

In addition, the shop’s toilet was damaged around the girls’ rage, and police are investigating whether or not it was intentional vandalism. The incident is a reminder that while many convenience stores in Japan have toilets for customers to use, such access is granted on a voluntary basis. It is not uncommon for shops located in bar or other overcrowded areas to reserve the full bladders of their restrooms for employees only, and if a store allows you to wear their own, it is good manners to say that you are buying something, even if it is just a bottle of water or a gum pack. It also serves as a reminder that it is not a good idea to say that you are going to kill someone on camera.

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