Japan: The story of an idol who married one of his fans

For many fans, the biggest dream is to marry an idol and spend the rest of their lives with her. Unexpectedly, it was made by a man in Japan, and his target is a female idol 27 years younger than him. When the news broke, many netizens were shocked and labeled “the ultimate male fan“.

According to a Japanese portal report “SPA Nikkan!“, the 45-year-old man from Japan, simply known as “Micchan (み っ ち ゃ ん)”usually more interested in chasing the stars, and became a fan of female idol “Tomoe (と も え さ ん)” many years ago. There is no doubt that he will be there to support the event, and Micchan lives in Oita prefecture, Kyushu, 500 kilometers from Osaka, where Tomoe will be playing. Micchan said of this: «The moment I saw her, I felt that I had found the most beautiful jewel in the world.», Confirming that Tomoe’s performance is brilliant and beautiful.

Over time, Tomoe gradually became aware that Micchan was there, and even began to notice the days when he was absent from events, feeling void in his heart. He also admitted that although Micchan was a fan, he was quite special and could talk to him about some problems he had to keep to himself. Tomoe found out that she had fallen in love with Micchan at the time, and Micchan also took the initiative to suggest a relationship between the two.

Tomoe was only 17 years old at the time, however, and Micchan was already 44 years old. It was not just the age difference of 27 years that made the relationship unacceptable to many family and friends, but because Tomoe was still underage. So Micchan even signed a contract to reassure the woman ‘s family. The man issued awarranty”To ensure Tomoe’s safety in all aspects during the relationship, and thanks to this, Micchan slowly obtained permission from the girl’s parents.

Tomoe and Micchan officially got married in 2020 after dating 11 months. After the marriage, the couple are becoming extremely happy. Micchan took great responsibility for supporting the family, and Tomoe unleashed his strengths and became an internet celebrity couple. They were very well known in Japan and even on the scene where Micchan was shouting at her house. Micchan is also highly regarded by many netizens with messages such as “the ultimate male fan“and”I did not expect one to fulfill many joint dreams“.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News | Japan

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