Japan was the country with the highest number of reports to Twitter accounts in 2021



Japanese portal AsahiDigital published an article noting that Japan surpassed the United States last year for the second year in a row in the number of requests for disclosure of Twitter user information by the private sector.

«There is a growing movement in Japan to denounce anonymous social media posts that slander and slander others, claiming victims. According to the latest transparency report published by the American company Twitter at the end of January, Japan was the country with the largest number of requests for disclosure of information from the private sector, as well as the suspension requests received from government and other agencies. In Japan, there have been a large number of cases in recent years where internet users’ information needs to be disclosed in order to pay for their actions, and this seems to reflect this trend.».

«According to the report, in the first half of 2021 (January-June), 43,387 applications for account suspensions were received from government agencies and others worldwide, with Japan accounting for more than 40%, or 18,518, making it the largest. figure on earth. In addition, 460 requests for disclosure of account information were received from NGOs worldwide, of which Japan accounted for 241, or more than 50%.».

«What is a “NGO Disclosure Request” varies from country to country and region to region, except in the case of Japan, includes cases where “ordinary victims” who feel they are the subject of anonymous defamation publications request the disclosure of the information of the alleged offending user in order to seek compensation for damages. The United States, the birthplace of Twitter and the world leader in user numbers, received only 72 requests for disclosure from NGOs, 16% of the world’s total».

«As for the ranking, it is in third place behind Brazil. The difference was clear with Japan, which has the second largest number of Twitter users in the world. In fact, during the period 2020, Japan had the highest number in the world for the second year in a row. Worldwide, there were 880 private sector disclosure requests in 14 countries in 2020, a 1.9-fold increase over the previous year, with Japan accounting for 41% of the total, or 364 requests.».

«The increase in Japan is also significant, as it has almost doubled compared to the previous year. Until 2018, the United States was the world leader in the number of Twitter users. Japan surpassed this in 2019. While it is difficult to say exactly what the background is, the people involved cite a situation that had a major impact on Japanese society in 2020 as a contributing factor to the increase in demand, especially from the private sector.».

«The death of professional wrestler Hana Kimura, who was criticized on Twitter, alerted the netizens to the issue without allowing the damage to go too far. At the same time, the Law on the Limitation of Provider Liability was amended to make it easier to require social media operators to disclose information, and more citizens are involved in legal proceedings for that reason.».

«Professor Masahiro Sogabe (曽 我 部 真 裕) (Constitutional and Information Law) from Kyoto University School of Law said: “With the world in turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, people say that Internet usage in Japan has increased. It is possible that the system is becoming more widely known, and that more and more people want Internet users’ information to be disclosed. In the future, more work should be done not only to request disclosure, but also to offer other resources. More needs to be done to promote suspension and reduce the writing and dissemination of defamatory statements. When a service becomes huge and used by everyone, even in the private sector, a certain social responsibility emerges. Major platform companies with defamatory issues, such as Twitter, have a social responsibility for what they are supposed to do».

Source: AsahiDigital

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