Japan would seek to eliminate the school’s iconic swimwear

The body Footmark Co., Ltd. Japan has launched an initiative to “unisex school swimsuit“, Where male and female students wear the same design on a swimsuit for swimming or other sports exercise. The design includes two separate garments on top and bottom, as well as additional garments that would reduce exposure to ultraviolet rays.

According to the company statement, the “unisex” feature is intended to allow all students to participate in their school’s swimming lessons without having to categorize themselves into one gender. Prices range from 6,380 to 6,820 yen (about $ 51, depending on the seller) and are available in ten different sizes.

The statement adds some background to this new design decision:

  • In recent years, attention has been drawn to the “non-gender” movement in the school sector, with new initiatives such as the introduction of free choice of school uniforms amid growing awareness and interest in LGBTQ issues. However, in school swimwear, although the shapes of male and female swimwear have changed from Showa (1926) to Reiwa (today), gender – specific designs remain, and show that many of these swimwear differences between the sexes.
  • Other companies sell a swimsuit that hides body shape, but there were no top and bottom swimsuit sets that can be worn by both men and women.

Of course, the iconic Japanese school uniform would be forgotten if the country’s educational institutions start to embrace this new design. So when the news hit the comment boards in Japan, it prompted comments such as:

  • «So you could trade it with someone and they would not know».
  • «It’s a bad time to be alive».
  • «I don’t care that there are people without gender. I just want to be able to choose».
  • «Where is the evolution in that?».
  • «I’m jealous because I hate wearing school swimwear.».
  • «That would be swimming with clothes, right?».
  • «So the step to losing the uniform skirts is just around the corner».
  • «He seems to be swimming in hell. Maybe the boys will take off their shirts anyway.».
  • «By nature, a man can do nothing with a T – shirt, I promise you».

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