Meet Fang Qiao, the illustrator and cosplayer who went viral on forums

Fang Qiao (坊橋夜泊) is an erotic illustrator of Asian descent who recently went viral on comment boards in Japan due not only to her works based on the anime franchise Princess Connect! Re:Divebut also because he works as a cosplayer, leading to the “real life” your creations. His most recent work of this type was an illustration of the character saren sasakiwhere he drew her in her summer skin and added his own photos of her cosplaying (It should be noted that although her illustrations are hentai, her cosplay photos do not feature nudity.).

In comment forums you can read opinions like the following: «It’s amazing what illustrators can do nowadays», «How much do you have to earn to be able to do cosplay and drawings?», «oops this is bad for my heart»; «Too good to be true? Big!». the illustrator Fang Qiao (坊橋夜泊) is available through the platform PIXIV FANBOXwhere it offers different quite accessible subscription plans:

  • Plan A (500 yen per month): Access to working sketches, access to illustrations in the highest possible quality, pre-access to upcoming cosplay photos, access to hentai illustrations.
  • Plan B (1,000 yen per month): All of the above plus access to cosplay photos not posted on social media.
  • Plan C (3,000 yen per month): All of the above plus access to occasional product giveaways.

Source: Otakomu