Singapore: A man acting as a charity officer to touch the feet of women

A Japanese man who worked as a charity worker so that he could abuse women’s feet and take pictures of them is now in prison. So, Boon Hwee, 32, pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault on April 6. He was sentenced to two weeks and five days in prison for two separate incidents in 2017 and 2019. «While the indecent assault is less offensive because it involves the legs and not the private parts, it does no harm.», Said the deputy prosecutor Chong Kee En. «Lack of respect for the independence of women over all parts of their body, and their right not to be sexually disturbed in any part of them without their consent».

Details of Tan ‘s first victim were released in court on April 6. The 28-year-old female victim met the accused in Tinder and was brought to MacRitchie Reservoir Singapore on a date of July 16, 2017. Tan, who went by another name on the dating app, asked the woman if he could take pictures of her legs for the “Barefoot Walking Association“, A charity he allegedly worked with. The woman had no idea that the charity was fake.

«When asked for details of this charity, the accused said it was a “low profile” organization.Said Chong. «He insisted it was authentic, showing her photos of other women and their legs taken». Tan’s first victim believed him, and continued to adjust his legs for photos as an excuse to “slowly touch and stroke the soles of your feet“. He also called him “nice”His toes and asked if he was exercising. After about five minutes, the woman began to protest.

Tan stopped touching her legs and began to ask her about her favorite body parts and her intimate experiences with men. Eventually she got up to leave and told him she had only seen him as a friend. Tan sent her some messages when he got home, and persuaded her to meet him again.

He became aggressive when she admitted that it was her first Tinder date. He also threatened her after asking her for the photos she took. She was afraid for her safety because Tan remembered her workplace, the woman reported the incident to the police. However, he was unable to provide sufficient evidence to file charges.

He alerted authorities again after finding out about Tan’s conviction in January 2019, when he was charged with five indecent convictions and fined 8,000 Singapore dollars (about 5,900 US dollars). Despite the charges and fines, Tan continued to abuse the women. He was back to it in March 2019, when he targeted an 18-year-old shop assistant.

Tan introduced himself as someone who worked for the Singapore People’s Association, telling the teenage victim that they were writing inspirational messages on the soles of their feet and taking photographs of them for collage. The victim ended up accepting it, thinking it was for good reason. Then Tan put a ring on one of his toes and wrote “that your feet may lift you where your heart wants to go”On his feet.

The interaction lasted 10 minutes, but it was more than enough to settle the woman. Eventually, she searched Tan’s name online, and one of the search results informed her of her conviction in January 2019. She then reported her interaction with Tan to the police. In addition to the 2017 and 2019 incidents, Tan was also charged with two indecent counts in 2014.

«Defendant’s deception as a “charity” depends on the kindness or generosity of his victimsSaid Chong. «It harnesses women’s fear of being seen as rude or abrasive, even to strangers. He mocks those who engage in legitimate charitable activities». Tan’s defense attorney asked the court to evaluate whether the 32 – year – old woman is eligible for a compulsory treatment order. The prosecution said psychiatrists could not agree on whether Tan had a fetish disorder. They also said it could happen again that Tan was the result of his apparent lack of commitment to follow-up treatment. Fines, unsatisfactory, could face up to two years in prison or all three sentences for all counts of indecent assault. Another charge under the Protection against Harassment Act was also considered.

Source: Yahoo! Nandws

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