Sono Bisque Doll: Pan Piano meets Marin Kitagawa in the video

We have commented on it before piano bread, YouTuber and pianist from Taiwan who usually cosplay one of the female characters of the franchise to which the said music belongs, as well as interpret anime music themes on the piano. It covered the initial theme of the previous anime Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (Game My Dress Up Jew) dressed up as Marin Kitagawa in her school uniform and Shizuku-tan cosplay.

However, the final theme, entitled “Koi no Yukue (恋 ノ 行 方)”And illustrated by ark, which she recently wore while wearing the popular swimsuit that Marin Kitagawa wore for Wakana Gojou, the main character, to take her measurements in the second episode of the series. He first wears the plaid shirt that Marin wore in the same episode, even though he takes it off the first minute.

The League Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru broadcast from January 8 and is confirmed with twelve episodes, and the platform Crunchyroll and Funimation responsible for their spread in the West, while also dubbing them into Latin Spanish. For his part, Fukuda publishes the manga in the magazine A young gang from the publisher Square Enix since January 2018.

Sono Bisque Doll on Koi wo Suru Summary

Wakana Gojou is involved in the family business of traditional doll making, and is a first year student booked without friends. With the painful memory of a childhood friend’s indifference to his interest, Gojou is unable to relate to his classmates and hobbies, leading to isolation. Gojou has not yet made the dolls’ faces to perfection, but he is extremely skilled at making their clothes. Her beautiful partner Marin Kitagawa will soon find out her skill with the sewing machine, which Gojou admires and envies for its boldness and honesty. He immediately shares his own hobbies with Gojou: he likes to dress up as video game erotic characters.

However, Kitagawa does not know how to sew her own suit, which leads her to seek Gojou’s expertise. Drawn into the girl’s amazing adventures of cosplay, Kitagawa is the first friend to fully embrace her. So while they are polar contrasts, their relationship slowly blossoms because of their ability to help each other in a complex world of cosplay.

Source: Youtube