Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru Inspires Two Adult Manga

the distributor Toranoan listed the release of an adult doujinshi written and illustrated by yahiro pochiSono Kisekae Ningyou wa H wo Suru (The Dress-Up Doll Does Hentai)”, for next January 16 in Japan. This doujinshi, which is obviously based on the franchise of Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (My Dress Up Darling), is described as follows:

«Marin-san thought Gojou-kun was harmless and asked him to take measurements while wearing a swimsuit. However, when he got closer to her, he seemed larger than usual. She seems to have become fascinated with her “masculine charm”, denoted by his strong arms and ample shoulders. As she takes measurements of her bottom, the arousal finally reaches a point that is impossible for both of them to tolerate… Please purchase the full version if you are interested!». [Preview] It is worth mentioning that yahiro pochi is recognized for a series of hentai doujinshi based on the franchise of Kanojo, Okarishimasu (Rent A Girlfriend).

On the other hand, Yuu Asahiru of the creative circle sand will also publish a hentai doujinshi titled “Sono Kisekae Ningyou ni Boku wa Koi wo Shita (I Fell in Love with the Dress-Up Doll)” on January 15. The synopsis is described as follows:

«“Beautiful, she has quite a few friends and is always the center of attention. A person who lives in a completely different reality from me…” A young man aiming to become a master of doll design, Wakana Gojou has always watched from afar as Marin Kitagawa, a gyaru who has now discovered that she is a fan of cosplay. . Such a beautiful bride has now become “his personal doll of hers”…» [Preview]

The anime adaptation has been broadcast since January 8 and is confirmed with twelve episodes, while the platforms Crunchyroll and Funimation will take care of its distribution in the West. For his part, Fukuda publishes the manga in the magazine Young Gangan from the publisher Square Enix since January 2018. The publisher published the seventh compilation volume in April 2021, followed by the eighth on October 25 in Japan. The work reported having exceeded 1.8 million copies in circulation accumulated in October 2020.

Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru Synopsis

Traumatized by a childhood incident with a friend who opposed his love of traditional dolls, hopeful doll maker Wakana Gojou spends his days alone, finding solace in his high school’s home study club room. To Wakana, people like the beautiful Marin Kitagawa, a modern girl who is practically always surrounded by friends, is like an alien from another world. But when the cheerful Marin, who is never shy, sees Wakana sewing one day after school, she bursts in with the goal of getting the club involved in her secret hobby: cosplay! Can Wakana’s wounded heart handle this sexy alien’s invasion?

(c)福田晋一/SQUARE ENIX・「着せ恋」製作委員会