Taimanin’s Erotic Franchise Announces Idol Project

In a peculiar press release, the multimedia franchise of Taimaninwhich includes all spin-off projects including hentai, the foundation announced the project “Idol Taimanin” and whose activities are described as follows: “Through the “ordinary” activities of idols, the real being Taimanin will be holding concerts and photo shoots! We work as “Idol Taimanin”, you can meet in real life». The activities will also be distributed through the project’s official YouTube channel, with most of the videos subtitled in English, and some in Spanish.

«Idol Taimanin! Taimanin, who is active in multiplayer, is also expanding into the world of idols! I want you to see our activities now. We will also be doing idol activities on YouTube! On “Idol Taimanin Channel,” we will challenge various projects like idols and announce live events, etc. We will do ordinary idol activities! Everyone, please watch our immature growth! “Idol Taimanin Channel” will deliver a new episode every other Saturday at 7:00 p.m.! Short videos are also available! From now on, we will be Taimanin idols, good luck!», mention the two girls Natsumi and Moon Amemiya.

Some videos are already available on the official YouTube channel:

Synopsis for Taimanin

Tokyo. The demon city, plagued by demons from the dark realms. The ancient rule has forbidden demons to interfere with humans, but with humanity’s dark descent, the pact is now history, and treacherous syndicates weave crime and chaos across the world. To protect the nation, the Japanese government has created a special force made up of ninjas who, with their strength and skills, can fight against the demonic invasion. The world will know them… as the Taimanins. A new special force, made up of Taimanins, is established to fight international threats and terrorist attacks. The task force’s first mission is to retrieve the stolen bioweapon from the UFS base. The mission takes an unexpected turn, as an unexpected alliance joins the team, and an equally unexpected adversary is revealed: a man who knows Igawa Asagi, the Almighty Taimanin…

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