The career of Minori Chihara, the voice of Yuki Nagato, would decline



Japanese portal Bean Cyzo published an article confirming the vocation of the voice actor and former singer Chihara Eliteon the tightrope“, Because it currently has no agency to represent it and went through a non – religious scandal in early 2020, which would criticize any interest from production committees in its employment.

«Minori Chihara is a vocal actress and singer who left her agency, HoriPro International, at the end of March and now works as a volunteer. On April 1, she launched her official YouTube channel “Minori Chihara minorhythm” and revealed her sincere feelings at the moment in the video. In May 2020, news site SmartFLASH reported that Chihara had been in a relationship with violinist Koichiro Muroya for the past six years, and released a statement on her official blog and website.».

«The article caused a stir both inside and outside the industry, and the artist acknowledged that her relationship with Muroya was “mostly true” and apologized to the fans and others involved. ann. Chihara suspended her singing career from December 31 last year, but in a video posted on April 1 entitled “I will tell you the truth,” she said, “Of course the impact of that report is zero. It really was a very big event for me, and it made me see myself in a new light.».

«At first, she thought of retiring, but after talking to people in the industry, she made the decision to stop singing and continue her career as a vocal actress. He also said that he had been part of his former company, HoriPro International, since April 2019, and had “joined this agency in order to promote its music activities” and therefore “left The company was naturally suspended as a result of its activities in that medium. ” Chihara has started again, but what do people from inside the industry think about his decision?».

«To be honest, it seems to me that it’s little “here or there” to say that it belongs to HoriPro International because it felt that music activities were good for it, but now that it has left the company, it’s decided. focus on vocal acting. There are many vocal and vocal actors who are younger and more talented than Chihara, who combine vocal acting with singing, and do not have the skills to be included among the talented vocal actors who are still active today as they enter. age. Some in the industry even called it “owakon.” (old fashioned)An industry source said.».

«Chihara started acting as a voice actress in April 2004.playing the heroine Aya Natsume in the animated series Tenjou Tenge (TV Asahi), and began his singing career in December of the same year. She later became a serious artist when she took a break as the main character of Yuki Nagato in the TV animation “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu”. (TOKYO MX, etc.), broadcast in 2006, but his skills as a voice actor have not stood out recently».

«Chihara was once a popular “voice and idol” actress, but in recent years she has not been as active as she was during her lifetime, and there are hardly any vocal actresses in the industry who are active on the front line. citizen. Vocal actresses who have worked without an agency in the past have re-joined a major agency or have already disconnected themselves from the industry. Also, vocal actors such as Satoshi Sakurai, Sakura Tange, and Masayumi Iizuka, who were once at the forefront of vocal acting and idols, are not doing very well today. The only thing that can be said is that these women were never involved in any scandal, and that they were constantly working and that they are “out of work”. It would be a major obstacle for Chihara, who is self – employed and without agency support, and whose absence has left a great impression, to return as a voice actor.“, Said the same source».

Source: Bean Cyzo

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