The debate over lowering the legal age in Japan continues

We have previously commented on the amendment to the Japanese Civil Code which will reduce the age of the majority from 20 to 18 on 1 April.which raises the possibility of high school students debating in the adult film industry (pornography) at an early age, but also makes it easier for them to be forced or scammed to do so.

Under current Japanese law, if a person is under 18 years of age, it cannot be shown in adult movies under the Law of Child Pornography.and for young people between the ages of 18 and 19, a signed contract can be revoked without the consent of the parents or another person by exercising the right to revoke the Civil Code since they are legally not yet an adult.

However, from April, when the revised Civil Code comes into force and the majority age is lowered, it will be possible and possible to contract with an 18 – year – old without the consent of their parents or others. . fears that this could lead to further harm, such as being forced to act in adult movies.

Retired adult film actor sakurahe commented on his official Twitter account: «A Twitter post from a close friend who was working with me at the time in the porn industry. It’s really true. Most of the girls were dedicated to the erotic (gravure) and pornography industry of their own free will.». Aida commented on this in response to another quoted comment, who wrote: “Most of the girls were there voluntarily, and they do not want people to talk about them because they would know more about their own lives, do they?».

His statement drew criticism from sayanother actor has left the erotic industry (modeling) and now a feminist activist, confirmed that she was not working on it “of his own free will. Although she has no direct experience in porn, she heard from her peers who have worked in the industry that “no women do it as they want to“. Ishikawa criticized Aida for his statement as a former member of the industry in question, as he considers “supporting these practices“.

The exchange of views sparked something to the detriment of Twitter between the two former colleagues in the porn industry, eliciting responses from the public for and against their respective views. Ishikawa has already talked about his own experiences of sexual harassment and how his erotic modeling and DVDs of chakuero (costume porn) published without their prior consent.

Source: Official Twitter account | Japan