The morning women on the streets of Akihabara appear to be exempt from the Ambulance Law

It is defined that ambulance for the group of sellers without a fixed place to carry out their sales activities and is generally a violation of the laws of many countries, including Latin America (although this law is generally not fully respected). Of course, Japan is no exception, however We have all seen those mother coffee cafes in the media (cafes where the staff dress women as hairdressers) inviting people walking around the streetsfrom Akihabara for example, to your job site. Is it considered an ambulance? The centre Akiba Plus posted a long thread about:

«For passers-by: “Would you like to visit a maid café?”; “Do you want to go home?”; “Would you like to have a chat with us?” Is this considered a leaflet? Many believe it is propaganda on the streets. We watched the situation for a while, until an officer approached him. “Wow! Finally a warning? But then he said to the girl: “You have to put yourself a little more on the side of the building, or else you will find your way when a vehicle passes by.”».

«Officials only use a loudspeaker to warn foreigners and children when motorcycles or cars are about to pass through footpaths. This is how Akihabara defended safety today. Remember that a “Police License for the Use of Public Roads IV” is required by the Traffic Law to distribute brochures (only one is issued for each establishment), and the license must be carried at all times (preferably visible always. ).). I wonder, though, do all the housewives wear the permit around her neck or put it in a small bag?».

«I am concerned that if the situation continues, the city will become a place where people will be heard on the streets saying “street prostitution is a crime” and “do not follow anyone who asks you a question”. By the way, in Akihabara there is an agreement that “giving information leaflets during hokoten is prohibited” (in Japan, the term is used to refer to streets that are closed to vehicular traffic so that pedestrians can enjoy walking along street) street, look at the street artists and musicians, eat something in the middle of the street and socialize.), so in theory they should not be able to do it».

The analysis attracted various comments on traffic forums in Japan, including:

  • «That activity is not a street vendor».
  • «Hey, hey, you’re attacking what’s the biggest tourist attraction».
  • «Well, maybe it’s a pamphlet category in the sense that they’re handing out pamphlets.».
  • «I really want the flyer girls in Akihabara to leave … they bother me walking …»
  • «I thought Akihabara was slowly dying, maybe it was just the pandemic».
  • «They are one of Akihabara’s faces, you can not take them out».

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