The netara Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku will have live-action

The Japanese producer MOODYZ through the brand Mankitsu listed the release of an adult film titled, whose launch is scheduled for next April 5 in Japan.

This movie is a live-action adaptation of the hentai manga written and illustrated by Deep Valley of the doujinshi circle Grand Canyon, Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku ~Fujimiya Megumi Hen~ “Sensei…Kare no Tame ni Watashi no Shojomaku, Kantsuu Shite Kudasai”which is available in the library hentai (246450). It should be noted that it is a story about mind control and infidelity. It is worth noting that this doujinshi will also have an anime by the studios t-rexwhich will be released on April 1 in Japan.

The release synopsis writes: “The live-action version of the Great Canyon circle masterpiece, “Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku”, whose supreme carnality and extraordinary sense of words make his fans cum! Includes original sections supervised by the author. A girl forced to perform sexual acts in the name of instruction. A teacher with a “Teaching Manual via Hypnosis” who can train his students in the art of sex and fuck them as many times as he wants in the name of teaching! A netarare story about mind control, where semen is poured into the womb of a hypnotized girl over and over again to the point of making her pregnant even though she just got a boyfriend!». The film stars the actress Mizuhara Misono.

You can watch the preview video at this link.

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