The netarare How to Steal a Japanese Housewife got a live-action

At the end of December 2021, the production company WANZFactory released an adult film titled WAAA-135 Wanz’s First Comic Book Collaboration And The Ban On Black People Has Sold 50,000 Copies! starring actress Yoshine Yuria(吉根ゆりあ). This movie is a live-action adaptation of the hentai manga written and illustrated by Kurosu Gatari, Wild-shiki Nihonjin Tsuma no Netorikata Sono Ichi (Wild Method – How to Steal a Japanese Housewife – Part One), listed in hentai (304543) as a netorare (NTR).

The cover, in fact, mimics the same poses and costumes as the cover of the original hentai manga, while the 120-minute long film identified with the code WAAA-135 is described as follows:50,000 copies sold! A complete reproduction of the adultery cartoon of a foreign student and a married woman, “Wild Method – How to Steal a Japanese Housewife”! Kaede is a housewife who is frustrated that her relationship with her husband, who works in a large company, has cooled. However, one day Kaede’s life changes forever when her husband brings an exchange student, Michael, into her life. Michael’s crime falls on the third day of staying home. The first time Kaede was fucked by this beast, she climaxed. The fierce animal fucking, the first orgasm, the bottomless sexual desire to search again and again satisfied Kaede’s desire…»

©En 式 日本 人 妻 の 寝取り 方 – 実写 版 – Wanz 初 コミックコラボ & 黒 人 解禁 売上 5 万 部 爆乳 爆乳 肉 が 犯 ● れ堕ち た 黒 人 NTR を 実写 化! 吉根 ゆり あ