The netarare InCha Bishoujo wa, Tannin ni Okasarete mo Ikimakuru will have live-action

The Japanese distributor DMM FANZA listed the release of an adult film titled “InCha Bishoujo wa, Tannin ni Okasarete mo Ikimakuru: Even if it gets caught, the teacher who abandoned his life will do anything erotic“, with its launch scheduled for next March 16 in Japan with the code MIMK-101. This movie is a live-action adaptation of the netorare hentai manga written and illustrated by Katsurai Yoshiaki, InCha Bishoujo wa, Tannin ni Okasarete mo Ikimakuru (Introverted Beauty Gets Raped Over and Over by Her Homeroom Teacher), also available in the nhentai bookstore (257326) with three chapters.

The production is carried out by the company MOODYZwhile the film stars the actress Eimi Fukada. The description of this film of approximately 120 minutes (two hours), writes: “A live-action hentai manga version by creative circle Aomizuan, “InCha Bishoujo wa, Tannin ni Okasarete mo Ikimakuru,” which tells the story of Akane, a student who continues to get fucked by her teacher’s big cock almost every day. Even when she has already found a boyfriend, her teacher’s “training” doesn’t stop, be it in the classroom, in the cafeteria, in a store… Akane’s destiny becomes darker the more times she gets fucked consecutively. and loses more and more reason. The first participation between MOODYZ and Eimi Fukada arrives, after the signing of the exclusivity contract!».

InCha Bishoujo

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