They assure that the Uber Eats backpack is the best to transport sleeves in the Comiket

A popular comment forum in Japan shared an update on Twitter from the user “鴉丸 (@KarasumaruYu)“, where he pointed out that the backpack of Uber Eats is, in fact, the best option for anyone interested in attending the popular doujinshi convention Comic Market (Comiket). The publication was made for the Comic Market (Comiket) 99made at the end of December 2021, and the user wrote: «I’m going to Comiket and I need a good bag that won’t damage my doujinshi… what should I buy? (After getting the backpack from Uber Eats) It’s perfect! Was it created for this purpose?».

Fans who attend this great doujinshi event often pick up the latest self-published manga from their favorite authors (not all doujinshi are hentai, some others are just stories inspired by popular characters). However, the authors at their tables do not offer any way to transport the book in question, which can sometimes even exceed a hundred pages, and the assistant has to place it somewhere while continuing to explore the hundreds of stands within the premises.

A bag, they say, is the worst way to transport them in the long run, since the more it fills, the more those that remain at the bottom are damaged. For this reason, the Uber Eats backpack is being considered as the best possible option, given its characteristics that are originally intended to transport food in the most stable way possible. This post inspired comments on the aforementioned forum, such as:

  • «Can not be! Could this imply a future collaboration between Uber and Comiket?».
  • «At my son’s high school, there are a few kids who use it as a secondary bag for their club activities».
  • «It seems to work very well, but I think people would look annoyed at the facility with such a large, non-deformable backpack. After all you are in a closed space among thousands».
  • «Seriously, Uber backpacks are efficient and cheap. You can also keep your food warm in there and if there is nothing inside, it can be folded».
  • «I didn’t know it was like that inside. Maybe I’ll buy one for the next occasion».
  • «Too bad, large posters or wallpapers won’t fit in there unless you fold them».

Source: Otakomu