They claim that doujinshi leaves much more income than serialized manga

Seichiro Hayakawaa scriptwriter for anime and video game productions, posted an update on Twitter that went viral on comment boards in Japan, noting that revenues in the doujinshi industry (self-published manga, not necessarily hentai) are far superior to those you get as a serialized manga author.

«This is something you probably already know. One of our editors told a manga artist, “I have a doujinshi event coming up, so we’re taking a break from the series.” When he scolded him, he said that his income from doujinshi was double digits higher (i.e. a hundred times more), adding that regular serialization is more of a side job.“, wrote.

Hayakawa posted this in response to a series of updates made by “Ogino (荻野)“, who describes himself as a part-time manga editor. «For the past few years, I have been trying to help writers create an environment where they can make a living from their doujinshi activities before starting a series, so that they can pursue their series with peace of mind.“, wrote.

«The more firmly you do it, the more profitable your doujinshi activities will be. To be honest, the situation is reversed: if you start a serialized commercial series, the income decreases. So what is really commercial?», he concluded.

Source: Yaraon!