They dictated a sentence for the fanatic of Love Live! stolen from several schools

Last February, a trial was launched in which a 28-year-old man was accused of stealing a large portion of school property for his extreme fanaticism towards a franchise. Love Live! Sunlight !!. This month, the man responsible for breaking in and taking away many classroom items, from audio – visual equipment to desks, was given a four-year suspended prison term, giving him a much clearer picture of why he did it first.

According to evidence during the trial, after graduating from school the man moved out of his family home and rented a house in Shizuoka City, where he got a job as a caretaker. In the middle of the loneliness of his new life, he fell in love with it Alive! Sunlight !!. The anime, which follows a group of students performing an idol group in a coastal city in the Shizuoka prefecture, made him increasingly nostalgic for his own school days.

He decided to recreate the room where the characters would be a music club on the second floor of his house, first buying a new desk online. However, the school desks didn’t look worn as I remembered, so I did to get the full effect he made the decision to steal the rest from real schools.

At his trial he was officially charged with entering illegally through an institution within a radius of four kilometers of his home, but admitted there was more. Each time he rode a bicycle, entering through unlocked doors and picking up everything he could carry every time, which is not much on a bicycle.

It was not subtle either, and the neighbors saw it more than once. Even once he passed a patrol officer who stopped to question him while riding his bike with an amplifier in the basket and desk under his arm. He told police, however, that he was returning home after operating at Shizuoka Station, and was allowed to continue on his way.

By the summer of 2021, he had collected about fifteen desks, but realizing that he would need thirty to properly recreate the classroom, he decided to step up his efforts. In an extremely naughty raid on a school last October, he was reported to have stolen 18 desks, a TV, extension cords, a long table, textbooks, tennis balls, trophies and much more, all in one night, making a few tens of trips.

Apparently, he fell into the classic trap of trying to make one big final heist, taking almost everything he would need to finish his room and then some, but the size of this post added to enough to talk about. On November 11, police were able to locate and arrest the man. Charged with stealing around 83,000 yen (more than 600 US dollars) in respect of school supplies, pleaded guilty and surrendered to the mercy of the court, showing at trial a sweat and nervously telling the court that he was nostalgic and wanted to reconnect with his youth.

While sentencing, the Shizuoka District Court judge told him, “If you want to immerse yourself in a school play, that’s okay, but the methods you took to do so were illegal. It was a selfish idea that created many problems for many students. Recognize the problems you have created and try to live a decent life so that you do not commit the same crime again». Because all the objectives were reversed and the judge considered that the man had other social penalties, such as loss of his job, he ruled that a suspended sentence in this matter was sufficient.

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